What school for my address

November 5th,2019

my address for website - ukunitarians.org.uk

Todayʼs theme was suggested by my recent work on the GUC new website. This lovely wall-hanging was designed by Jefferson Barnes, who was Director of the Glasgow School of Art when I was a design student there, back in the late 60ʼs early 70ʼs. It was sewn by

November 5th,2019


Name of DoDEA or Panama Canal Zone School Attended (Country if Outside of U.S.) Home Phone Work Phone Email address Graduation Date Month/Year of Enrollment (If not Graduated) OFFICIAL REQUEST MAILING ADDRESS Name Secondary Request Name Address 1 Address 1 Address 2 Address 2 City, ST ZIP Code City, ST ZIP Code

November 5th,2019

Verification of Address

on a form required for enrollment of a student in a school district is liable to the school district if the student is not eligible for enrollment in the district but is enrolled on the basis of the false information. I certify that I have not established a residence in Humble ISD for the primary purpose of participation in