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6 Criteria for Websites

6 Criteria for Websites These six criteria deal with the content of Web sites rather than the graphics or site design. Apply these criteria when you research on the internet.

November 19th,2019

Types of Evaluation -

In order to plan the evaluation in accord with the most appropriate evaluation method, it is necessary to understand the difference between evaluation types. There are a variety of evaluation designs, and the type of evaluation should match the development level of the program or program activity appropriately. The program stage and scope will

November 19th,2019

Example of a Website that is credible - EasyBib

Website publisher Website Evaluation Guide Example of a Website that is not credible Within the article Article Footer Top of the article Currency: This article does not provide a publication date, therefore it is impossible to tell . Citing a website article - MLA

November 19th,2019

Website Evaluation - University of Queensland

Website Evaluation There are times you will need to use the Internet for information, for example if you require government reports, statistics or information from organisations such as CSIRO, WHO, OECD amongst others. While there is a great deal of useful information on the Internet, remember that the

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Web Site Evaluation - University Libraries

Web Site Evaluation, page 2 Name: _____ Web Site Title: _____ Rating

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Website Evaluation Checklist - University of Iowa Center ...

Website Evaluation: The Checklist Model1 1 Jim Kalhoun, “Teaching Undergrads Website Evaluation,” College and Reseach Libraries News 59, 7 (1998): 522-3. Five criteria for evaluating Web pages Evaluation of Web documents How to interpret the basics 1.

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2 EVALUATION CRITERIA There’s a lot of information out there, not all of which is trustworthy. Learning how to evaluate the quality of the information you use is an important skill you need both in the academic setting and in life.

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TABLE 8.1 WEB SITE EVALUATION RUBRIC SITE NAME: URL: AREA/CONTENT OF SITE: COMMENTS: Using each of the criteria below, evaluate the usefulness of this web site for teaching and learning. For each dimension in the rubric, check the box that best reflects your opinion. Select web sites that score 4 or higher in the most dimensions.

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This document sets out the format of a sample evaluation report. It is provided to Bank Borrowers to facilitate the evaluation of consultants’ proposals and the subsequent review of these proposals by the Bank. Its use is strongly recommended but not mandatory. The evaluation must be in accordance with the criteria spelled out in the Request for

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WEBSITE JUDGING CRITERIA (Judging criteria are explained in the Contest Rule Book) EVALUATION Historical Quality (60%) • Entry is historically accurate • Shows analysis and interpretation • Places topic in historical context • Shows wide research • Uses available primary sources • Research is balanced Relation to Theme (20%)