Very angry cat video

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November 5th,2019

The English We Speak - BBC

The English We Speak ©British Broadcasting Corporation 2014 Page 2 of 3 Rob In English, the expression 'to go viral' is used for a picture or a video which has become

November 5th,2019

MITOCW | watch?v=GUgYT7GxUGA

A new version would probably have also a cat that is deattached and has some sort of physics. And you can drop him and [INAUDIBLE] very angry-- you know, something like that.

November 5th,2019

My Room, My Castle -

My house is not very big but it’s not small either. On the ground floor there is a long corridor and on the left it’s got a big dining room. We only use it when we have guests for lunch or dinner. Next to it there’s a sitting room. This is where we watch TV and play games. I like this room a lot because it has a very big window that