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omissions, or the misapplications supplied to us. Not all parts listed in this catalog are stocked and are listed for reference only. Reference numbers and/or OEM numbers are listed solely for identification purposes, some numbers change frequently. Please check with your sales representative for more up to date information. MADE IN U.S.A.

November 12th,2019

October 2019 Opel Parts - Mrfiat.com

Opel Parts. Table of Contents Opel->1900 GT->Engine Compartment 2 Opel->1900 GT->Glass and Seals 3 Opel->1900 GT->Lights 4 ... Door gasket set on body gasket for Opel 1900 GT models from 1968 - 73. There is a 2-3 week... 1900 GT Sliding Window... 35055-939 Sliding window channels for Opel 1900 GT models from 1968 - 73.

November 12th,2019

The Opel Association of North America - Hemmings

The Opel Association of North America has been in existence as a local club since 1985. From 1994 to 1996 the club saw many transformations, and the O.A.N.A. settled into its current form in 1996. Our purpose now is to provide a source for locating parts, service, tech-help and

November 12th,2019

Opel GT Things to Know (Top Ten List) - Opel Motorsport Club

Opel GT "Things to Know" (Top Ten List) This is a list of 10 things all Opel GT owners (or, persons buying an Opel GT) need to know. (This is primarily for “new” or prospective GT owners, but also includes “refresher” tips for all.)

November 12th,2019

Opel GT: “Major” Model Year Part Changes

Opel GT: “Major” Model Year Part Changes During the original 1968-1973 Opel GT (1.9 engine) production run, many individual part designs were changed. (These are noted in the “What Year Is It?” article found online at www.opelclub.com, from page link at “Opel GTFAQ”) Most changes primarily affected just the look of the parts.

November 12th,2019

An Opel GT for a good cause!

An Opel GT for a good cause! The 24th Oldtimerspendenaktion 2018 in favor of Lebenshilfe Gießen e.V. began on January 22, 2018 and ends in January 2019. This year, a lime green 1973 Opel GT from the US will be one of the main prizes. The good cause is at the center: With a donation of 5 …

November 12th,2019

Year/Model Interchange List -- All Makes -- Cars and Trucks

5-Series GT 5d 120.9 u r 2010 2012 007190 6-Series 2d,Conv 112.4 u r 2012 2012 New 007570 7-Series 4d 120.9,126.4 u r 2009 2012 001580 X3 SW 110.6 u 4 2011 2012 007260 X5 SW 115.5 u 4 2007 2012 X6 001620 X6 SW 116 u 4 2009 2012 X5 Fastback X5 001621 Z4 Cnv 98.2 u r 2009 2012 001650 Buick Enclave SW 118.9 u f,4 2008 2012 Outlk, Acad.,Traverse 002170

November 12th,2019

Modernizing Your Opel GT: Power Rear Quarter Windows

1 Modernizing Your Opel GT: Power Rear Quarter Windows By Wayne Torman (wayneto@msn.com) My 1973 Opel was going to be in the shop for a few weeks, and I had finished stripping my $25 wrecked 1971 in the garage, so I