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The following food chain is an example for you to follow. Remember arrows are generally used to show the direction the energy flows. In this food chain, the amount of biomass in kilograms is shown in each step of the chain. This means that it requires 100kg of diatoms for a macaroni penguin to gain 1kg as

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several kinds of birds may try to steal penguin eggs or attack the chicks. People are also considered a predator to penguins. Now all penguins are protected by law. Penguin Food Chain Sharks Orcas Leopard Seals Sea Lions Squid Fish Krill Giant Petrel Gulls Skuas Sheathbills Penguin Chick Eggs 4 ©The Perforated Press

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• Penguin population declining • Interpretation –Predators reaching K –Competition for krill is occurring –Fur seals are outcompeting penguins • At Bird Island, South Georgia, Antarctic fur seals and Macaroni Penguins exploit the same size and population of krill • % krill in fur seal diet > in penguin …

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you know what a food chain is?” “A food chain describes the feeding relationships between animals in a particular area. Today we are going to learn about the Antarctica food chain. During Lesson: Read the story, If You Were a Penguin by Wendell and Florence Minor. Review the different types of penguins.

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Lesson 3: Antarctic Oceanography-Animals: Penguins, Seals and Whales Lesson Objectives: • Students will be introduced to the Marine animals that live on the ice sheets of Antarctica. • Our main focus will be seals, whales and penguins. • We will discuss adaptation, survival, and their place in the food chain.

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What Are Food Chains Made Up of? A. Correctly build the food chains from a marine aquatic, desert, Antarctic, terrestrial grassland, and a tropical rain forest ecosystems. Organism Bank Clues: Each food chain must consist of a producer, two consumers, and one decomposer. ARROWS must be drawn between each organism to show the FLOW OF ENERGY. 1.

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The macaroni penguin population at the Kerguelen Islands forms around 18 per cent of the world's macaroni penguin population, approximately 800,000 individuals. ... industry and up the food chain.

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Food Chain 1) Examine the chart on the next slide to see what Antarctic animals eat. 2) Print the Antarctic animals colouring page. 3) Colour, cut out and arrange the pictures to make food chain wall charts. algae (phytoplankton) copepods (zooplankton) krill (crustacean) ˜sh macaroni penguin leopard seal killer whale Antarctic Food Chain

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. 1999), but the influence of Macaroni Penguins on the food chain remains uncertain. Some estimates have been made of the energy expenditure of Macaroni Penguins in this region using doubly labelled water (DLW, Davis, Croxall & O’Connell 1989), but there is scope for these limited data to be extended.

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2) Arrange them to make food chain diagrams. 3) Paste to make a wall chart. Antarctic Food Chains leopard seal crab krill algae (phytoplankton) Antarctic Ice˜sh kelp gull gentoo penguin macaroni penguin emperor penguin Antarctic Ice˜sh Antarctic Ice˜sh killer whale brown skua Antarctic mackerel crabeater seal krill krill krill Antarctic Ice ...