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“Lather and Nothing Else” Questions for Short Story

7. Why is this story called "Lather and Nothing Else"? 8. Do you think it is a good title for the selection? yes no 9. Whether or not you like the title the author chose, …

March 21st,2019


LATHER AND NOTHING ELSE by Hernando Tellez He came in without a word. I was stropping my best razor. And when I recognized him, I started to shake. But he did not notice. To cover my nervousness, I went on honing the razor. I tried the edge with the tip of my thumb and took another look at it …
March 21st,2019

Lather and Nothing Else Plot Project

o Title: “Lather and Nothing Else” plot project Be CREATIVE! o It doesn’t have to be as small as a piece of paper. You can make it as large and as unique as you want. o If you can think of something else to demonstrate the “flow” of a plot other than a mountain, do it!
March 21st,2019

Plot Diagram, “Lather and Nothing Else”

One of the themes of “Lather and Nothing Else” is m o r a l i t y . In other words, deciding what is the morally correct thing to do in certain situations. ... Directions: Write a line from the story that best represents each part of plot. Rising Action Exposition / Beginning Plot Diagram Text Evidence Worksheet
March 21st,2019

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“Lather and Nothing Else” Questions Packet Directions: Answer the following questions about “Lather and Nothing Else.” Please be detailed in your answers, but do not write an essay; as sentence or two is just fine, but you must include the detail needed to thoroughly answer the questions.
March 21st,2019

Lather and Nothing Else Short Story by Tellez - College Essay

How can the answer be improved?
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Lather or Nothing Else Understanding Literature (Copy in journal and answer.) 1. Narrator and Point of View. Which passages in the selection reveal the narrator's love of his work as a barber? Which passages reveal his dedication to the revolution? How would the story be different if told from a third-person point of view? if Torres were the ...
March 21st,2019

ry: “Lather and Nothing Else” (342 of Sightlines 10)

ENG2D- Heaps Short Story: “Lather and Nothing Else” (342 of Sightlines 10) INSTRUCTIONS: A. Read all of the questions on this handout before you read the story. B. Do question #1 (vocabulary) before you read the story. C. Read the story! D. Begin responding …