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The moodle package: generating Moodle quizzes via L - CTAN

The moodle package: generating Moodle quizzes via LATEX Anders Hendrickson St. Norbert College, De Pere, WI, USA January 11, 2016 1 Motivation The acronym Moodle stands for \Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learn-ing Environment." It is an open source learning management system em-

October 3rd,2019

Using LATEX for report writing - University of Southampton

the module’s online documents web page, ... There is an extension package to LaTeX (which is available on the machines of the univer-sity) which is written especially to type set source code nicely. It comes with a number of features including keyword highlighting and framing source code. The full documentation

October 3rd,2019

The longtable package - TeX and LaTeX Documentation

package, which provides commands for customising captions, and arranges that the captions in standard environments, and many environments provided by packages (including longtable) are modi ed in a compatible manner. You may use the \label command so that you can cross reference longtables

October 3rd,2019

LaTeX: Online module 1 - University of Waterloo

Topics to be covered Introduction Advantages over Microsoft Word Various editors Header of LATEXdocument Examples Summary Venkata Manem (Univ. of Waterloo) LATEX: Online module 1 July 7, 2011 2 / 22

October 3rd,2019

LaTeX: Online module 4 - University of Waterloo

Lists Various list environments used in LATEX are the following: Numbering Itemizing Description Venkata Manem (Univ. of Waterloo) LATEX: Online module 4 July 21, 2011 3 / 20

October 3rd,2019

Dungeon Module X2ε An Adventure Module Class and Template

This file—rpg-module.pdf— was created from the markup file rpg_module.tex. If you open rpg_module.tex in an ordinary text editor, you will see the markup commands and some explanatory comments (prefixed by %). LATEX converts your source text, combined with the markup and the rpg-module class, into a high quality PDF document.

October 3rd,2019

Biochemical Tests Module: Latex Agglutination Test

Biochemical Tests Module: Latex Agglutination Test Main menu Description: provides a detailed explanation of the purpose, mechanism, method, and interpretation of the latex agglutination test. Steps: step-by-step instructions for carrying out the latex agglutination test using the PathoDx Strep Grouping kit.

October 3rd,2019

The algorithmicx package - CTAN

the algorithmicx package gives you full control over the definitions (ok, there are some limitations — you can not send mail with a, say, \For command). algcompatible is fully compatible with the algorithmic package, it should be used only in old documents. algpascal aims to create a formatted pascal program, it performs automatic