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The largest marine mammal on Earth is the: A killer whale B walrus C elephant D blue whale Which mammal trait do marine mammals NOT have? A warm blood B milk for their young C body fur D live births Choose the food that marine mammals do NOT eat: A fish B penguins C shellfish D white-tailed deer Choose the only vegetarian marine mammal: A ...

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Earth. Although all habitable continents once harbored giant mammals, the few remaining species are largely confined to Africa.This decline is coincident with the global expansion of hominins over the late Quaternary. Here, we quantify mammalian extinction selectivity, continental body size distributions, and taxonomic diversity over five time ...

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(M) for 28 mammal orders on the four largest continents (Africa, Eurasia, and North and South America) and all ocean basins for all subepochs during the last 70 million years, covering the well-documented mammal radiation following the Cretaceous– Paleogene …

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à all the earth’s ants weigh ~ same as all earth’s human population eg. there are more animals on earth than stars in our galaxy Animals – Introduction to Zoology; Ziser, lecture notes, 2016.9 Animal Records A. Largest Animal =longest longest animal in existence is a nemertean = 60 M (180’) long "Lions Mane" jellyfish à ~150’ long.

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The largest mammal ever found on Earth was a female blue whale with a mass of more than 158,000,000 grams. Express this mass in kilograms. 13. A blue whale’s heart is so large that a person could crawl through its largest blood vessel (the aorta). The heart has a mass of about 450 kg. Express this mass in milligrams.

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discover models of the largest and smallest land mammals ever found: an overwhelming 15-foot-tall model of Indricotherium, an ancient rhinoceros-relative that was the largest mammal to walk the Earth; and a life-sized model of the extinct shrew-like Batodonoides, the smallest extinct

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millions of years ago and no land animals today reach such a size. The largest mammal on Earth is also the largest animal to ever live on land or in the ocean, dwarfing even the largest Dinosaur, and is the living fossil called the Blue Whale. Measuring more than 110 feet and weighing

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the class Mammalia of vertebrate animals that includes humans, are the most highly advanced organisms on Earth. They are warm-blooded, hairy, have four-chambered hearts, relatively large brains, and they suckle their young. There are 19 orders of mammals in the world. Ten of these live in North America. Some orders include a wide range of

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occupy every major habitat on earth most ... feet (23 m) to 100 feet (30.5 m) from head to tail and can weigh as much as 150 tons (136 metric tons). The largest blue whale on record is a 110’ female that weighed 195 tons (177 tonnes). their bulk is several times greater than the largest dinosaur elephants are largest land mammal . Animals ...

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The largest fish is the whale shark, which can have a mass of 2.04 ×104 kg. The largest mammal, and indeed the largest animal ever to have lived on Earth, is the blue whale, which can have a mass of 1.81 × 105 kg. If the distance between these two creatures is 1.5 m, how large is the gravitational force between them? 2.