Kumbi saleh traded primarily in

Africa ca. 1000–1700

Kumbi Saleh and beyond, southeast across the Niger, and west into Senegambia. Migrating Arab tribal groups that settled in the central sub-Saharan Sahel also helped spread Islam. The year 985 marks the first time a West African royal court—that of the king-dom of Gao, east of the Niger bend—officially became Muslim (see Chapter 5),

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West Africa Main Ideas - Denton ISD

Kumbi Saleh Tadmekka Gao Tunis Kano 0 0 400 800 kilometers 400 800 miles Lambert Azimuthal Equal-Area Projection N S E W Ghana, about 1050 Mali, about 1300 Songhai, about 1500 Trade routes Gold Salt Empires 442 CHAPTER 19 West Africa Main Ideas • Wealth from the gold and salt trades supported a series of West African empires. • West Africa has a rich cultural tradition that has influenced many …

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World History Unit 4: The Rise of Other Civilizations

a. Kumbi Saleh – capital and center of trade b. conquered by Mali 3. Mali (“Mali” – where the king dwells) – 1200 – 1500 AD a. Mansa Musa – greatest ruler; took Mali empire to its greatest size b. divided the empire into provinces ruled by mochrifs (mayors)