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Honduras uses a monetary poverty line to measure extreme and total poverty using per capita income as the welfare measure. These lines, available for rural and urban areas (including separate poverty baskets for each of the two largest cities), are estimated using baskets of goods and services based on an expenditure survey from 1998.

November 20th,2019

Rural Poverty in Honduras: Despite Progress, an Ongoing ...

This article analyzes rural poverty in Honduras by first providing some empirical background of Honduras and its economic history. It then analyzes the obstacles that cause this extreme rural poverty and finally it presents possible solutions to reduce rural poverty in Honduras by attacking the …

November 20th,2019

Honduras: Nutrition Profile

Honduras : Nutrition Profile . Background Honduras is a lower-middle-income country with a positive outlook for economic growth. Dependent on agricultural and manufacturing exports, Honduras was hit hard by the 2008–2009 global economic downturn and a serious political crisis that led to a temporary halt of international cash flows.

November 20th,2019

Honduras: Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper Progress Report ...

Honduras: Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper Progress Report Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSPs) are prepared by member countries in broad consultation with stakeholders and development partners, including the staffs of the World Bank and the IMF.

November 20th,2019

Honduras--Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper, August 2001

4. Due to the multidimensional nature of poverty, different methods of measurement were considered, each of which shows that the magnitude of poverty in Honduras is high, although there was moderate improvement during the previous decade. In 1999 approximately 66% of households were below the Poverty Line and almost 49% were in the

November 20th,2019


This thesis studies and identifies effects of income growth and income inequality on poverty in Honduras. A Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) was implemented in Honduras in 2001 with the goal to reduce poverty by half by 2015. Since carrying out of PRS, poverty and inequality has only decreased slightly and growth in income has been small.

November 20th,2019

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In Honduras, cases of CL, MCL, VL and non-ulcerative CL have been notified. CL occurs especially along the Caribbean coast, but cases have been reported in the El Paraíso department, in the central south-eastern region of Honduras, and also in the north.

November 20th,2019

Honduras AnnualReport 2013 - UNICEF

UNICEF Annual Report 2013 – Honduras Page 2 of 29 Data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE) household survey showed that poverty increased from 65.5 per cent of the population in 2008 to 71.1 per cent in 2012. During the same period, the number of

November 20th,2019

Minimum Wages, Globalization and Poverty in Honduras

Minimum Wages, Globalization and Poverty in Honduras* To be competitive in the global economy, some argue that Latin American countries need to reduce or eliminate labor market regulations such as minimum wage legislation because they constrain job creation and hence increase poverty. On the other hand, minimum wage