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Suffix order in double and multiple diminutives: with data ...

1 Suffix order in double and multiple diminutives: with data from Polish and Bulgarian 1 Stela Manova & Kimberley Winternitz Abstract In this article we investigate suffix combinations in second- and third-grade diminutive nouns in

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containing the [1] diminutive suffix, and therefore argues that the presence or absence of this suffix is the deciding factor in [d]-epenthesis: if this suffix is present, then [d]-epenthesis will occur. If it is not present, then [d]­ epenthesis is blocked. Boas (2000: 10) accounts for this by ineans of the

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4.1. Suffix – ess It is a suffix forming distinctively feminine nouns and it usually occurs in French borowings. “Since at least the 14th century, English has both borrowed feminine nouns in -ESS from French ( -esse in French and in some early English forms) and

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with the root. Indeed, it is assumed that templaticity results from direct merger of a template morpheme with the root. In contrast, the suffix -on is always compositionally diminutive (unlike Italian -in-) and is fully productive (=has no lexical gaps).

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The Phonology-Morphology Interface in Judeo-Spanish ...

The present study examines diminutive formation in JS with two main goals, one empirical and one theoretical. First, we bring new data to the generative literature on Spanish diminutive formation, based on Bunis’s (2003) corpus study of JS diminutives. In JS, -iko/a is the preferred diminutive suffix, and the suffixes -ito/a and -eziko/a

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of two grammatical categories - diminutive and continuative. While the latter consists totally of reduplication, the former also involves the use of one of four suffixes (-ni, -i, -y, \6). The diminutive is subsequently divided into 30 word classes. 1.1. First of all, the d~vision of the diminutive suffix into tour

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clear that the diminutive suffi -anax may follo aw derivational suffix i;n the examples in (3), for instance, it attaches to derivative nouns in -0 (with elision of the deverbal suffix). Since nomina arl inflectione prefixa l rathes r than suffixal in Zulu, the hierarchical relation between the diminutive affix and the

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degrees of emotion, Polish, Russian and Czech possess multiple diminutive suffixes and affixes. Schneider (2003) considers “multiple suffixation…one of the peculiarities of diminutivisation…[because] either a diminutive form comprises the same diminutive suffix twice, or two (or more) different diminutive suffixes” (117).

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On an inflectional and a derivational diminutive

The Polish and Spanish examples display a sequence of diminutive suffixes. In Tunisian Arabic and Modern Hebrew, non-concatenative morphology is used to derive a lexical diminutive, and the inflectional diminutive is realized by means of a suffix. In conclusion, many languages allow for a derivational diminutive to be

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made by adding a suffix. A diminutive can sometimes be a different word altogether. calf fawn cub chick lamb kitten foal kid duckling . Title: worksheet.PDF Author: Unknown Created Date: 03 …

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Alsea Diminutive Formation Eugene Buckley SSILA, Oakland University of Pennsylvania January 9, 2005 1. Alsea is an extinct language of the central Oregon coast, often classified as Penutian although that relationship remains debatable. 2. Frachtenberg (1918: 249) identifies the Alsea suffix –au as the diminutive:

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Diminutive dim Indicates relative small size (a small one - small for the kind of thing named). Diminutive forms are omitted for nouns naming abstractions. Syntax Exhortative One or two adverbial words that express emotions or attitude. Encourages others to take on an activity. ambe! come on, let’s . . . Inanimate plural suffix

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The largesse of diminutives: suppressing the projection of ...

The nominal suffix of these forms was liable to reanalysis as verbal suffix (cf. the development of the Greek verbalizer -izo, likewise of denominal origin). Pivot forms for this development might include tanz-en: tänz-el-n, the latter likely to have originated from the diminutive Tenz-el ‘little dance’, which is attested in Middle High ...

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small, diminutive style, manner, distinctive character bearing full of to make, to cause to be station, condition, nature suffix forming adjectives from nouns used to form nouns denoting action, practice, principles, doctrines inflammation, abnormal state or condition used to form nouns expressing state or condition suffix of adjectives ...