C murder in jail

Circuit Court for Dorchester County

murder Jail Location: Dorchester County Department of Corrections Courtroom 1 Maciarello 1:00PM C-09-CR-18-000213 APMV State of Maryland vs. ALISHA DENISE HILL PL-JONES

November 5th,2019

Placer County Inmate Information

Jail ID: P00275944 Case No: Docket No: Authority Literal: Charge - Level - Charge Literal: Court Date/Time: Court Location: Bail: 62157173 REMANDING ORDER 236.1 (C)PC - F - HUMAN TRAFFICKING VI 11/13/2019 1:30:00 PM DEPT 33/Roseville Court $250,000.00 Total Bail: $250,000.00 Booking Status: Booking Process Completed and Bail may be posted if ...

November 5th,2019


LAW OF ARREST 1.1 Chapter five of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 deals with the arrest of persons. Section 41 is the main section providing for situations when Police may arrest without warrant. It reads as follows: “41. When police may arrest without warrant.- (1) Any police officer may

November 5th,2019

Youth Charged as Adults – Overview of Available Data

(b) 6.4% of all exclusionary cases were required to serve a jail/prison sentence only; (c) 6.3% of all exclusionary cases were required to serve a term of probation only. YOUTH CHARGED AS ADULTS – OVERVIEW OF AVAILABLE DATA (DECEMBER, 2015)

November 5th,2019

Common Abbreviations Used in Criminal Record Reports

Common Abbreviations Used in Criminal Record Reports This list should be used only as a guide in interpreting criminal record information. Some

November 5th,2019

Suicide and Homicide in State Prisons and Local Jails

(C) a brief description of the circumstances surround-ing the death." BJS developed a new series of collections to meet the mandates of the act. Aggregate counts of deaths were replaced by detailed, individual inmate death records, collected every 3 months from over 3,000 jail jurisdictions, 50 State prison systems, juvenile correctional ...

November 5th,2019


section viz. 109 Cr. P.C. Convicts under section 302 1.P.C (Murder) and 304 1.P.C (Homicide not amounting to murder), provided that such convicts have undergone atleast eight years of their sentence including remissions. Convicts sentenced for forgery and poisoning provided they have completed atleast 114th of their sentence.

November 5th,2019


(c) The officer incharge of the Jail or other place of confinement shall thereupon report (Form No. 175) to the Superintendent of Police of the District in which such jail or other place of confinement is situated, the name and other particulars necessary for the identi-