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Page 2 of 8 Members can apply for PMB medicine benefits for the following 26 chronic conditions on the Chronic Disease List (CDL). It is imperative that a patient meet the criteria as stipulated in the application form when applying for benefits for these conditions. The following details are provided for your information only, and should kindly not be returned to Medihelp with your application.

January 18th,2019

Positive Psychologists on Positive Psychology

Positive Psychologists on Positive Psychology Jarden (ed.) ii Contents Introduction 70
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3 WEST WIMMERA HEALTH SERVICE West Wimmera Health Service is established as a public hospital under the Health Services Act 1988 (The Act) and subsequent amendments and
January 18th,2019

Phototherapy to treat eczema

12 Occasionally, eczema may flare at the beginning of a course of phototherapy. This can usually be managed by making adjustments to doses and using topical